Telegram groups

Telegram groups

Telegram özgü become one of the applications that should be found on almost every mobile phone, just like WhatsApp. Headquartered in London, the application was founded in 2013 by two brothers, Russian computer programmers Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov.

The application, which includes many features with its end-to-end encryption feature, allows the creation of groups that thousands of people can join, unlike other messaging programs. It is stated in the terms of use of the open source application that it cannot be used for yasadışı purposes. Only experts say that the app özgü become a hub for pirated content, and is heavily used by malicious users such as those who share yasadışı data, engage in yasadışı activities, and stock market manipulators.

The application, which özgü more than 400 million active users, was banned by Russia in 2018 on the grounds that it violated the law, and was opened again in June last year. Many countries, including Pakistan, Iran and China, had also blocked Telegram.

One of the best aspects of the Telegram application is that it allows individuals who have the same idea or are curious about the same subject to gather in a common area. It provides this opportunity with Telegram groups channels. For these groups, we can give examples of Telegram crypto groups and betting telegram groups channels.

If you have a telegram channel, you can easily add it from

Is Telegram Safe?

It is said that the attacks in Paris on 13 November were organized by terrorists using Telegram. According to EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation-EFF), in terms of security, Telegram’s standard settings are 4 out of 7, and the confidential chat application özgü 7 points out of 7. The software supports a two-layer secure encryption feature: server-to-user encryption for cloud chats and additional user-to-user encryption for confidential chats.

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